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Ben H 02/10/2018

Purchase came with an appraisal and lifetime warranty. Took the bracelet to an independent appraisal lab to make sure since this was my first amazon jewelry purchase. Best thing about this bracelet outside of looks is Madina Jewelry. They helped me after I received the bracelet and had questions. I live in Hawaii and allowed me to call anytime even though we’re 6 hours behind them. They are 100% operating with the customer in mind. Reminds me of Costco. This bracelet is ridiculously sparkly. Amazing cut and color compared to other bracelets in this price range. Even the independent gemologist said that the bracelet was built exceptionally well. The clarity is the only thing that isn’t exceptional but unless people are walking around with microscopes, who will ever know. Costco’s bracelet similar to this is $2700 and color j-k with a very good cut. Plus Costco you have to pay taxes. So all in all, this is a great buy. The replacement value on the appraisal is A LOT more than the purchase verifying that this is a wholesale price.

YB2003 02/10/2018

I pride myself on being an informed consumer so when shopping around for the best deal for a bracelet of this weight and color clarity, I looked at many, many bracelets from several brick and mortar stores and online. Some fell short on quality and price while others delivered but weren't quite what I was looking for. When this bracelet arrived in the mail, I knew what to expect size wise for the carats, and part of me was expecting maybe another substandard color/clarity. When I opened the box, I was stunned by the fire and sparkle of these diamonds. Under a 10x magnifier, these are graded an SI1 but could pass for VS. In daylight and bulb lightening, these sparkle beautifully. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Mary C 02/09/2018

I have enjoyed wearing this since I sent for it in Sept. I like the security catch on it. It holds quite tightly. I like the size of the stones, as well. I wondered if the 7" would fit and it does ( I am rather heavy set).

Tony smith 31/12/2017

I tried to order a Medina product from amazon, got delayed shipment 3 times. Almost missed Christmas. I called Medina direct. Very helpful and courteous. They overnighted me a beautiful ring, no extra charge. The ring is gorgeous, I’m a hero. Medina is the real deal.

YB2003 10/02/2017

I purchased the 5ct s type diamond bracelet for myself. I've bought and returned a few bracelets from big stores online because when they arrived in person, the quality was very sub par. Most diamond bracelets you see in stores have an average clarity of I1-I2. By the time I found Madina Jewelry and Alex, I was kinda losing steam in getting a decent diamond bracelet without paying an arm and leg but still beautiful, clear and not cloudy. So I ordered this, and when arrived, was blown away but the sheer sparkle of the beauty of this piece. Now, I did take it to a gemologist downtown Chicago's Jewelers Row to have them inspect it and the conclusion is, the product is as graded. You can trust Madina Jewelry. This is an honest seller and I'll be a returning customer.

Zen Rusin 11/12/2016

Excellent seller. Quality goods !!!!!

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